•        Memories unfurl like a movie; every turning point is masterfully devised. Fate hugs you like a ribbon around a gift; you feel confined. Yet, by reopening your eyes, you realize that life is a series of random events. Standards exist only to remind you of gratitude. Or, you can believe that everything has a meaning. Either way, relinquish the futile pursuit of control. Accept your heart’s plan.

  •        当你发现了自己的循环 也可以站在这个循环之上 看着美丽的一幕幕 如电影放映 每一个转折 每一个机遇 都是完美的设计 每个当下 都是完美的时刻 命运的礼物的丝带 早已缠绕在生活每个微小的瞬间