• STRENGTH  力量
  •        See instead of seeking power. What you once feared have become allies. Self-exploration is a study of human nature. Your id, ego, and superego are all parts of your being. Your criticisms towards others may project your own flaws. Everyone has a heroic side. Harness all energies at your disposal, whether fierce as guns or soft as roses. True love begets true freedom from possession or doubt.

  •        不需要乞求 力量 去看到力量 是什么样的人会拥有 让勇气 自信的光 驱逐所有的黑暗 爱也可以照亮所有的恐惧 柔软和坚强 都不能独自生存 曾经惧怕的 也会变成伙伴