The Geometric Dreamland - Healing Tarot Journey series is based on my own learning of the Waite Tarot system and my experiences with Tarot readings. I was inspired to create the series and started drafting it in 2021, and in 2023 I completed the whole design and coloring process as well as finished writing interpretations for each card. The cards feature a geometric style mainly composed of lines, while still incorporating elements of stars (coins), hearts (cups), swords, and fire (wands).

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几何造梦-塔罗之旅系列是根据自身学习占星与韦特塔罗体系后的经验与塔罗故事原型的结合,在2021年从灵感的草稿开始画起;2023年继续完成设计和上色,以及每张牌意的诠释 希望能在插画和文字中传递治愈人的力量


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Artist:  Funkelfunkel
Distributed by Vermilion Collection

3 Limited Versions

    Written by Funkelfunkel
    Translated and Edited by 
    Vermilion Collection

    This tarot illustration series is rooted in psychology and personal emotions. It explores defense mechanisms of emotions and the subconscious, as well as the origins of symptoms and involuntary behaviors discovered in psychoanalysis.

    Many inspirations draws from Lacan's theories, aiming to convey these concepts through blurred textures and seemingly artificial characters. My goal is to evoke emotional resonance in viewers and help them observe their subconscious, fostering self-awareness and healing.

    (Working in progres 2023-2024)



    (未完成;2023-2024持续创作中 )


    Artist:  Funkelfunkel

      Text written by Funkelfunkel